A creative agency specialising in Graphic Design and Imagery.


We focus on creating highly intuitive, usable and impactful digital products and services. Ideas is seamlessly integrated into our design process to produce the most effective, elegant and engaging work.


By using a combination of sketching, 3-D modeling, rapid prototyping, user testing and analytics analysis, we’re able to continuously grow and improve upon a given product.

Success is no accident. It is hard word, preseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.


Modern digital creative agency

Arden's mission is a unique combination of broadcast, interactive and tech talent that has pointedly addressed the future.

Graphic Design 100% Awesomeness
Ideas 80% Awesomeness
Marketing 70% Awesomeness
Illustration 60% Awesomeness

Digital creative agency

We combine classic brand strategy and account planning to find a brand’s true capability. Then we turn this capability into content, products, services and campaigns – creating and defining experiences that users love.

  • Branding strategy & identity
  • Marketing campaign & PR
  • Content creating & development


Creative squad

Mike Litchfield

Creative Director